Simple IP Echo

OK! We all know Nginx is amazing and extremely light. I've been having the need lately to quickly get the IP address of a location. There's "" but that's an ugly bloat. Look at how much you download to just get a small string of numbers.

To get around this a lot of people run their own website that displays the IP address. This is usually done by passing the connection from Apache to HTTP which has code similar to the following in it.


That seems simple and light enough. Why add PHP into the mix though. It's very much so an added bloat. Apache is enough of a bloat without adding the extra bloat of PHP.

Let's use a real web server and just let the web server do it. The following is my Nginx configuration file.

server {
    location = / {
        default_type text/plain;
        echo $remote_addr;

I don't think there's a single possible way to get a faster and more light weight response. Nginx doesn't do any processing aside from seeing that it's right domain and returning the remote address as plain text.

It's just SO simple and SO pretty.