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Writing a Résumé in LaTeX

Way back in my college days, I was trying to write the first version of my résumé. As a pedantic IT guy, I wanted to get everything perfect so that I could stand out despite having very little practical experience.

Trying to write my résumé in OpenOffice--yes, I'm that old--proved …

Ground Up Infrastructure

I've been working with a company that recently lost a very large amount of their infrastructure. Not only were servers lost, but also backups, application data, and much more. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share too many details, but I am able to say that it was the situation …

Geo Point with Elasticsearch 2.x

I was recently brought into an interesting project that deals with analyzing some exciting data. I have my preferred search solutions and hate java, but I had to bite my tongue and acknowledge an ELK stack is the best tool for this particular job.

ELK Stack

An "ELK stack" refers …

Completely Automated ESXi Deployment

This post has to come with the disclaimer that 99.97% of ESXi deployments have NO use for anything this complicated. For that 0.03% of us, ESXi can be one heck of a deployment nightmare. It doesn't have to be, though.

Background: The Situation

The company I work for …