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Ground Up Infrastructure

I've been working with a company that recently lost a very large amount of their infrastructure. Not only were servers lost, but also backups, application data, and much more. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share too many details, but I am able to say that it was ...

Geo Point with Elasticsearch 2.x

I was recently brought into an interesting project that deals with analyzing some exciting data. I have my preferred search solutions and hate java, but I had to bite my tongue and acknowledge an ELK stack is the best tool for this particular job.

ELK Stack

An "ELK stack" refers ...

Completely Automated ESXi Deployment

This post has to come with the disclaimer that 99.97% of ESXi deployments have NO use for anything this complicated. For that 0.03% of us, ESXi can be one heck of a deployment nightmare. It doesn't have to be, though.

Background: The Situation

The company I work ...