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Moving from personal mail server to Gmail

I was hosting my own email server for about a year. I enjoyed the fact that I had full and complete control over the entire mail server. I enjoyed being able to fine tune everything to fit my needs exactly. I was doing this for about 1.5 years.

Unfortunately …

Upgrading to 9.04 and Ext4 Remotely

WARNING! Do Not do this to your systems. This is for informational purposes only. Do this in a virtual machine only. If you do this outside of a virtual machine, your computer will blow up and you will die. You've been warned.

I did in fact do this over SSH …

Irssi to SMS

It's no longer a secret that when I'm not in an active irssi session and you hilight me, that I get a text message. By popular request, I'm writing up an explanation to it.

1. Get irssi. When you're using it, you'll want to have it in a screen session …

Irssi Using Screen And SSH

I know this concept sound simple. You SSH into a server and restore a screen session running irssi. However, I wouldn't be writing about it if I didn't have a way to make it more efficient.

I'll explain the benefits as we go along.

First we need to get you …

Irssi As A Proxy

Irssi has a fairly nice proxy feature. It's probably the best proxy I've ever used. Unfortunately, it has a few flaws and is very under documented.

I gave up on ever having a decent proxy and switched to the screen option but I still want to explain this feature so …

Perfect Irssi and OpenBox Integration

I think I achieved nearly the perfect Irssi + OpenBox.

There's four steps to my setup. Configuring gnome-terminal, alltray, irssi, and an image.

First of all, we need to set up irssi. If your'e reading this, I'm guessing you've already done this. I use murf. You can find themes at http …

Worthless Backups

How good are your backups?

I thought mine were pretty dang good. I found out otherwise. I had the following two lines running nightly for my backups.

# Make MySQL backup

mysqldump -u root -p "$(/.sql.pwd)" --all-databases | gzip > /var/mysqldump/mysql-$(date +%F).gz

# Delete old copies

find /var/mysqldump …

Push POP to IMAP Folder

This is for anybody with multiple email accounts that wants to consolidate. My solution here requires and number of POP email accounts and one IMAP account.

I don't even want to begin thinking about the time it took me to come up with this solution. Hopefully it can save somebody …

Power Friendly Memo Script

I've been bragging recently about how many obstacles I've overcome with Linux as a whole. There's many things I've been doing to Ubuntu to make it extremely fast and flexible for my uses. I also happen to be one of those people that forgets absolutely everything.

I very frequently decide …